Effect of wild-type ARMS2 and rs10490924 on the tube formation of RF/6A cells.

PReceiver-M29-Basic plasmid-treated RF/6A cells (A), wild-type ARMS2 plasmid-treated cells RF/6A cells (B) and rs10490924 plasmid -treated RF/6A cells (C) were plated on Matrigel as described in Methods. After 24 h of incubation, the three groups cells formed well organized capillary-like structures. Values are the means±SD of at least three independent experiments. There are no significant differenence during the three groups (D, p>0.05). Abbreviations: wild-type ARMS2 plasmid-treated cells (WT); rs10490924 plasmid -treated cells (G270T); pReceiver-M29-Basic plasmid-treated cells (Vector).



CC BY 4.0