Effect of polymixin (PM) and curcumin (CU) on metabolic functions.

Nephrectomized animals on western diet (Nx+WD) were treated with polymixin in drinking water (Nx+WD+PM) and curcumin gavage (Nx+WD+CU) for 16 weeks. The control for Nx+WD+Cu was gavaged with vehicle for 16 weeks (Nx+WD+Gav). Panel A, shows the longitudinal changes in urinary albumin creatinine ratio. Panel B is the AUC values of glucose tolerance tests (GTT) following ip injection of 2 mg/g glucose after 16 weeks of study. Panel C is the enface picture of atherosclerotic lesions after 16 weeks study. Panel D is the quantification of atherosclerotic lesions. * p<0.05 compared to Nx+WD; ** p<0.01 compared to Nx+WD, ◊ p<0.05 compared to Nx+WD+Gav, ◊◊ p<0.01 compared to Nx+WD+Gav.