Effect of pioglitazone on endogenous beta-cell regeneration in MIP-luc mice.

(a) Overview of experimental design. Following treatment with STZ, diabetic MIP-luc mice (BG >400 mg/dl) received an insulin implant at week 0, 4 and 8 post-STZ (grey arrows). Mice were divided into two groups at 6 weeks post-STZ, receiving CMC (No Rx) or Pio (25 mg/kg; 5X/week; Pio). BG (b) and the bioluminescent signal from the endogenous beta-cells (c) were monitored every week. Data are presented as mean (N = 5/group) ± standard error of mean (SEM). (d) Bioluminescent signal at week 12 post-STZ in control (No Rx) or Pio-treated groups as a mean percentage of bioluminescence prior to STZ treatment.