Effect of IN rVSV-EnvG4-G6 adminstration.

(a) Mean body weights and temperatures (b) of inoculated mice. (c) Mean copy numbers of VSV N genomic RNA or (d) VSV N mRNA per mg of indicated tissue or mL of blood. N = 4–12, dependent on study day. Fresh tissue specimens were homogenized, clarified by centrifugation and supernatants were subjected to RNA extraction and qPCR. All samples were tested in duplicate. Dotted lines indicate limits of detection. SEM is shown. *p<0.05 for comparison of rVSV-EnvG4-G6 to rVSV-G4. All PBS and rVSV-EnvG4-ΔG values were found to be significantly lower than rVSV-EnvG4-G6 and rVSV-G4 values.