Ectopic expression of deltaD deletion and point mutant recapitulates neurogenic phenotype of DeltaD (∆A-D).

2015-05-28T03:35:38Z (GMT) by Gregory Palardy Ajay B. Chitnis

(A) The prospective distribution of neurons revealed by the distribution of huC as revealed by in situ hybridization probe (purple) in control embryos injected with only ß-galactosidase mRNA. (B-F) huC in embryos co-injected with ß-galactosidase and deltaD (B), deltaD-∆C (C), deltaD ∆B (D), deltaD NN/KK (E) or DeltaD ∆A-D (F) mRNA. Distribution of ectopic mRNA injected in one cell at the two-cell stage revealed by X-Gal distribution (blue). Dorsal view, rostral to the left. Embryos are at approximately the 3 somite stage. (G) Quantification of the effect of ectopic expression of mRNA encoding various forms of DeltaD on the distribution of early neurons. Red indicates fraction with a neurogenic phenotype (increased density of neurons), Green—fraction with no obvious effect on neuron density, Blue- fraction with suppression of neurogenesis (reduced neuron density). P-values for pairwise comparison based on Fisher’s Exact test of independence. P >. 05 does not meet the criteria for the Null hypothesis that pairs contain an equivalent distribution of phenotype classes.