ELISA analyses of CHI3L1 protein in BALF and serum of CCSP-rtTA/(TetO)7-CMV-Stat3C bitransgenic mice.

Left: CHI3L1 protein concentrations in BALF and serum of doxycycline-treated and untreated bitransgenic mice. Right: ROC (Receiver Operating Characteristic) curve analyses to determine the area under the curve (AUC). Dox-: doxycycline-untreated mice; Dox+: doxycycline-treated mice without showing lung tumor; Cancer, doxycycline-treated mice with lung tumor. Mean ± SD in BALF (n>13), DOX -: 8.8±10.0, DOX +: 100.0±49.0, Cancer: 151.8±67.3. Mean ± SD in serum (n>13), DOX -: 6.2±3.7, DOX +: 33.5±35.6, Cancer: 159.0±90.0. The gray lines represent the mean values.