Dynamics of infection after contact transmission and subsequent challenge.

<p>One 129X1 mouse inoculated intranasally with 70-PFU of rSeV-luc(M-F*) was placed in a cage with 3 naïve mice 24 hours later. Bioluminescence in the (<b>A</b>) nasopharynx, (<b>B</b>) trachea, and (<b>C</b>) lungs was measured daily in the contact mice until infection was cleared (on average 14 days). Seventy days after inoculation of donor mice, the recipients were challenged with 3×10<sup>6</sup> PFU of rSeV-luc(M-F*) so that reinfection could be monitored by bioluminescence. Each individual mouse is color-coded (<i>n</i> = 6). The bottom of the y-axis is 5.5×10<sup>5</sup> photons/s, the limit of detection of bioluminescence.</p>