Down-regulation of nucleolin expression decreases binding to human monocytes.

THP-1 cells were transfected with siRNA either specific of nucleolin (siRNA-nucleolin), histone H1 (siRNA-Histone H1) or non-specific (siRNA-scrambled) for 72 h. Proteins were solubilized from pelleted transfected cells and analyzed by immunoblotting technics with anti-nucleolin MoAb (part A1), anti-Histone H1 (part A2) or anti-actin Ab (parts B1 and B2). Quantification of LVS-GFP, L. monocytogenes (EGD-e) or fluorescent beads binding on transfected cells (part C) was performed after confocal analysis of cells fixed with PFA and mounted in Mowiol. Results show the mean from three independent experiments, ± SD values indicated as error bars. ** p value <0.001 (two-tailed unpaired Student's t test).