Diversity, Distribution and Hydrocarbon Biodegradation Capabilities of Microbial Communities in Oil-Contaminated Cyanobacterial Mats from a Constructed Wetland - Figure 4

(A) Sequence frequency in the investigated wetland mat samples (B1 is missing) showing the major encountered bacterial classes. The shape of the symbol represents the number of sequences in each taxonomic bath, the size of the symbol represents the number of OTUs0.03 at deeper taxonomic levels with that taxonomic path and the color of the symbol indicates the relative frequency of the taxonomic path within the sample. (B) a heatmap representing a comparison of the relative abundance (% of total sequences) of the major bacterial genera and families in each bacterial class between the different samples. Only the distribution of sulfate reducing bacteria was indicated at the family level either due to the very low abundance of single genera or because of their unresolved taxonomy.