Differential specificity of <i>Dictyostelium</i> Sfp (DiSfp) towards mycobacterial PKS2 and kinetic analysis.

<p>Gel-binding assays were set up with DiAcpS and DiSfp, taking [1-<sup>14</sup>C] acetyl-CoA (A-CoA), [1-<sup>14</sup>C] hexanoyl-CoA (H-CoA) and [1-<sup>14</sup>C] lauroyl-CoA (L-CoA) as co-substrates. A, Panels show the autoradiogram of SDS-PAGE in which mycobacterial PKS2 was labeled by different acyl CoA substrates and PPTases as indicated. B, Gel-based kinetic analysis of DiSfp with respect to acetyl CoA. Concentration of acetyl CoA was varied from 5 µM to 45 µM.</p>