Differential expression of angiogenesis and dormancy related genes in DmiR expressing tumors.

qRT-PCR analysis of gene expression in glioblastoma cells. Expression levels of genes in miR-580, miR-588 and miR-190 over-expressing A-GBM tumors were normalized to GFP-vector control. DmiR expression induced a transcriptional switch towards antiangiogenesis by down-regulation of multiple angiogenesis related genes (e.g., bFGF (FGF2), TIMP-3, HIF1A and TGFalpha). In contrast antiangiogenic and dormancy promoting pathways were upregulated after DmiR-expression (e.g., Amot-1 or EphA5). These experiments were performed in triplicates and repeated at least twice to confirm similar pattern of differential expression. Significant differential expression as compared to GFP-control is indicated with p<0.001, # p≤0.01 and § p<0.05.