Different peripheral T-cell immune phenotypes according to the degree of carotid intima-media thickness.

A–B. Activated CD8+ T-cells were defined by the expression of CD38, whereas memory activated CD8+ T-cells were defined by the co-expression of CD45R0 and CD38. A. nIMT and pIMT HIV+ patients exhibited similar number of CD8+CD38+ T-cells. B. pIMT patients had significantly higher memory activated CD8+CD38+CD45R0+ T-cells in comparison to nIMT patients (p = .038). C–D. Apoptotic T-cells were defined by the expression of CD95 on CD4+ and CD8+ cells. As compared to nIMT, pIMT patients exhibited a significantly higher number of CD4+CD95+ cells (p = .01) (C), and CD8+CD95+ T-cells (p = .003) (D). E. CD127 expression on CD4+ T-cells was similar between the nIMT and pIMT groups. F. A non-significant trend towards greater number of CD8+CD127+ cells was observed among pIMT patients as compared to nIMT patients (p = .08).