Developmental effects of auxin insensitivity.

(A)proEF1:MpTPL-D34IAA lines suffer from severe dwarfism compared to proEF1:MpTPL plants. (B) Strong proEF1:MpTPL-D34IAA line showing a lack of organized patterning, dorsiventral polarity and a limited degree of differentiation. Scales (arrowhead), air pores (asterisk) and rhizoids (r) are visible in random places and growth is severely affected. (C)proEF1:MpTPL-D34MpARF1 representative line showing a degree of differentiation similar to the prothallus stage of wild-type development. (D)proEF1:MpTPL-D34MpARF1 showing single cell layer prothalli-like tisssue. (E)proEF1:MpTPL-D34MpARF2 representative line. (F) Wild-type sporeling (10 days) transitioning into a single cell layered prothallus (14 days) and fully established multiple prothalli 18 days after plating. (G) Strong proEF1:MpTPL-D34BDL line lacking growth, differentiation and dorsiventrality, but still capable of producing rhizoids. (H)proEF1:MpTPL-D34MpARF3 lines differentiate gemmae cups and a dorsiventral polarity with dorsal air chambers and ventral rhizoids. The thallus has an apparent hyponastic curvature. (I, J) Multiple independent HygRes sporelings (transformed with an empty binary vector) grown on media containing 10μg/ml Hyg and mock (I) or 10μM 2,4-D (J) for 14 days. (K, L) Multiple independent proEF1:MpTPL-D34MpIAA (K) or proMpTPL:MpTPL-D34MpIAA (L) lines grown on 10μM 2,4-D for 14 days. Scale bars in C, E, I, J, K and L = 1mm; A = 1cm; B = 430μm; D = 130μm; F = 30μm; G = 600μm; H = 860μm.