Detection of H-2Kb–SIIN complexes on the surface of 293KbC2 cells expressing EBNA1-SIIN-GFP frameshift variants.

H-2Kb–SIIN expression was assessed by flow cytometry of 293KbC2 cells transfected with E1-GA(wild-type)-SIIN-GFP, E1ΔGA-SIIN-GFP, E1-GQE(frameshift 1)-SIIN-GFP or E1-GRS(frameshift 2)-SIIN-GFP following staining with the monoclonal antibody 25D1.16 conjugated to Allophycocyanin [38]. Values shown in each FACS plot are the percentage of GFP+H-2Kb–SIIN+ cells as described in the Materials and Methods. These data are representative of three separate experiments.