Densitometric scan of MNase sensitive regions of the <i>MFA2</i> promoter.

<p>(A and B) Relative MNase sensitivity is expressed graphically from scans of the gels shown in <a href="" target="_blank">Figure S1</a>. Trace A: transcribed strand (TS); Trace B: non-transcribed strand (NTS). The positioned nucleosomes observed in wild type cells are represented by ellipses N-1 and N-2. (C) Schematic representation of the assay in D. The middle of nucleosome N-2 of <i>MFA2</i> promoter has a single <i>Rsa</i>I restriction site within the <i>Hae</i>III restriction fragment. The probe shown detects either the full-length 599 bp of <i>Hae</i>III fragment or 419 bp of <i>Rsa</i>I and <i>Hae</i>III double digested fragment. The protection rendered by nucleosome N-2 limits the accessibility of <i>Rsa</i>I to the site. (D) Southern blot analysis of <i>Rsa</i>I accessibility to the <i>MFA2</i> promoter N-2 site. Lane −: naked DNA digested by <i>Hae</i>III only; lane +: naked DNA digested by both <i>Hae</i>III and <i>Rsa</i>I. Lanes 1–8 represent <i>Hae</i>III degisted DNA purified from <i>Rsa</i>I digested chromatin samples from the strains listed. The lower panel shows the data graphically.</p>




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