Decreased rate of germination and ability to establish colony growth by A. fumigatus isolate Af5517.

(A,B) Flow cytometric analysis of conidial swelling in A. fumigatus isolates during 5 hours of incubation at 37°C. (A) Representative histograms from three experiments of forward scatter (FSC) from each isolate at 0 and 5 hours. (B) Increase in size (Conidial swelling) = FSC 5 h/FSC 0 h. Data are a summary of three experiments (n = 5). (C) Temporal quantification of germling formation by microscopic analysis. Summary of two experiments (n = 6). (D) Percent colony growth (CFU = colony forming unit), averaged from inoculations of 1000, 100, and 10 conidia, each in triplicate. Graphed data are a summary of two experiments. Decreased ability of Af5517 to establish colony growth was significantly different from all other isolates. ***p<0.001.