Data subset-validation, based on microbial-immunological data.

Data subsets identified on the bases of dimensionless indicators (hypothetical indices of unknown biological validity) were evaluated with biologically explicit data. When prior information was considered, the culture-negative subsets showed the highest L %, while the culture-positive subset exhibited the lowest L%, and the highest N% (A). A similar pattern was observed when relationships involving monocytes and lymphocytes were analyzed; for instance, (i) the monocyte/lymphocyte (M/L) ratio distinguished the culture-negative, high L% subset from all other subsets; (ii) a composite index that included a product and a ratio (the [M*N]/ L) differentiated both culture-negative from both culture-positive subsets, and (iii) a double interaction (the [M/N] / [N]L] ratio) separated the low L%/high N%/culture-positive from all other subsets (lines, B).