DIDS does not effect intracellular expression of pro- or active MMP-2 or -9 isoforms.

IS and STS treatment increased intracellular expression of proMMP-2 and -9 isoforms, as well as the active form of MMP-2. DIDS did not effect these changes. (A) Sample Western blots of MMP-2 and -9 protein expression. Latent and active isoforms of MMPs were detected at 66 and 62 kDA (MMP-2) and 96 and 88 kDA (MMP-9), respectively. (B&C) Summaries of neuronal latent and active MMP-2 (B) and MMP-9 (C) protein isoform expression from analysis of cellular fractions normalized to the cellular expression of α-actin on the same blot. Data are presented as fold-change relative to untreated controls. Data are mean ±SEM from 3-5 separate 6-hr experiments. Asterisks (*) indicate significant difference from normoxic controls (p<0.05). Treatments as per Fig. 1 caption.