Cryopreservation interferes with the allogeneic lymphoproliferative response.

(A) Representative histogram of autologous and allogeneic lymphocyte proliferation of one donor (frh-imdDCs (black), crp-imdDCs (blue) and Lyn-stained lymphocytes without DC stimulation (red)). (B) Frh- (circles) and crp-imdDCs (squares) were co-cultured with autologous (negative control) or allogeneic lymphocytes stained with CellTracker™ Green CMFDA in a 1∶10 ratio of imdDCs:lymphocytes. After five days of co-culture lymphocytes proliferation was analyzed by flow cytometry. Data was analyzed by Student’s t test and the values shown are the means ± SDs of six individual donors. ***p≤0.001. frh: freshly obtained, crp: cryopreserved, imdDCs: immature monocyte derived dendritic cells, Lyn: stained lymphocytes without DC stimulation, Aut lyn: autologous lymphocytes, All lyn: allogeneic lymphocytes.