Correlation between clinical parameters and development of broadly neutralizing antibody responses.

(A) Bivariate and multivariable GLM correlation analyses between the listed variables, and the best neutralization score for the M48+ subset of Protocol C participants. Number of participants in each subgroup (N) is indicated. Estimated coefficients (EstCoef), p-values, q-values, odd ratios (ExpEst) upper (U95) and lower (L95) values of the 95% confidence interval are indicated. P-values are color coded as follows: 0.01< p-value < 0.05, in green; 0.001< p-value < 0.01, in yellow; 2E-16 < p-value <0.001, in red. Q-values below 0.1 are indicated in bold. (B) Kaplan Meier curves recording the time for Protocol C neutralizers (best neutralization score ≥ 0.5, N = 157) within the indicated subgroups to reach a neutralization score ≥ 0.5. Log-Rank test p-values are indicated. DC: Discordant couple, OHS: Other Heterosexual transmission, HSM: Women to Men Heterosexual transmission, HSW: Men to Women Heterosexual transmission, MSM: Men who have Sex with Men.