Correlation among values obtained through ultrasequencing, qRT-PCR, and ELISA for 3 secretory proteins whose expression varies with doxycycline treatment.

These include MANF (A,D), IL-6 (B,E), and VEGFA (C,F). For mRNA quantification (A,B,C), all bars represent fold increase with respect to untreated controls ± SEM for 10 independent samples. For protein quantification (D,E,F), bars represent the mean ± SEM for 10 independent samples. Statistically significant differences with untreated controls are represented by asterisks (for ultrasequencing and protein data) or the pound sign (for qRT-PCR). *: p<0.05; **: p<0.01; ***: p<0.001; #: p<0.05; ##: p<0.01; ###: p<0.001.