Consequences of loss of <i>Notch</i> pathway activity in <i>emc</i> mutant cells.

<p>(A–C) In <i>Psn<sup>C1</sup> emc<sup>pel</sup></i> double mutant discs, expression of <i>sca</i> is stronger and expands more than in <i>emc<sup>pel</sup></i> mutants. Moreover, most <i>sca</i> expressing cells express Hnt, indicating that they became SOPs (compare with Fig. 5C, D). (D–G) Analysis of null mutant <i>emc Psn</i> clones. Clones are labelled by the loss of RFP and outlined in some panels. A large clone in the notum is highlighted by the dashed line. The expression of Hnt in addition to <i>sca</i>-lacZ indicates that most cells of the clone became SOPs, with the exception of the region in the hinge highlighted with the arrow. The arrowhead points to the small anterior region, which is devoid of <i>sca</i>-lacZ and Hnt expression. (G) Magnification of the notal area highlighted with the arrow in (D–F). White scale bar 50µm; cyan scale bar: 10µm.</p>