Comparison of the CcbC, LmbC and LmbC G308V reaction kinetics for various substrates.

The following combinations of proteins and substrates were tested: (A) LmbC vs. L-proline, (B) LmbC vs. EPL, (C) LmbC vs. PPL, (D) LmbC vs. BuPL, (E) LmbC vs. PePL, (F) CcbC vs. L-proline, (G) LmbC G308V vs. L-proline, (H) LmbC G308V vs. EPL and (I) LmbC G308V vs. PPL. All reactions were performed in triplicate. The error bars indicate the standard deviation. The reaction velocity is expressed as the amount of radioactive ATP (μM) produced per minute at protein concentration 0.05 μM. Reaction conditions are described in Experimental Section.




CC BY 4.0