Characterization of transplanted human VPC-derived vascular cells.

<p>a) Flow cytometric analysis of cell surface markers on expanded human VPC-derived VEGF-R2<sup>+</sup>VE-cadherin<sup>+</sup> cells ( = EC). b) Immunofluorescence image of CD31 (green) and αSMA (red) with nuclear staining (blue) in expanded EC. Scale bar: 100 µm. c) Immunostaining of mural cell markers (brown) with hematoxyline counter-staining of expanded VPC-derived VEGF-R2<sup>+</sup>VE<sup>−</sup>cadherin- cells ( = MC). Scale bar: 100 µm. d, e) RT-PCR analysis of mural cell (d) and skeletal/cardiac specific (e) markers in human VPC-derived vascular cells.</p>