Characterization of peanut transgenic plants co-expressing <i>AtDREB2A</i>, <i>AtHB7</i> and <i>AtABF3</i> under normal growth conditions.

<p>Phenotype of wild-type and peanut transgenic lines (L1 & L7) co-expressing <i>AtDREB2A</i>, <i>AtHB7</i> and <i>AtABF3</i> (<b>a</b>). Net photosynthesis (A), stomatal conductance (gs) and <i>in-vivo</i> activity of PSII (Φ<sub>PSII</sub>) of wild type (WT) and transgenic lines (<b>b</b>). qRT-PCR showing the relative expression of <i>AtDREB2A</i> (2A), <i>AtHB7</i> (HB7) and <i>AtABF3</i> (ABF3) in selected transgenic (L1 & L7) lines (<b>c</b>). RT-PCR showing the expression pattern of target genes in transgenic lines, L1 and L7 (<b>d</b>).</p>