Characterization of hESC-MSCs.

(A1) Bright field image of a hESC colony in which the cells at the periphery are differentiating toward spindle-shaped fibroblast-like cells and (A2–A3) pure cultures of hESC-MSC. (B1–B2) Confirmation of the human origin of the hMSCs derived from hESC colonies with the aid of a human-specific lamin A/C antibody. Incubation of murine MSCs (mMSCs; negative control cells) with this antibody (B1) did not produce signal corroborating its species specificity. (C1–E2) Immunostaining of hESC colonies and hMSCs derived from these colonies for the embryonic stem cell marker SSEA-4 and the pluripotency markers Oct-4 and Nanog. Nuclei were detected with Hoechst.