Characteristics of cultured hHSC: hHSC express GFAP plus ASMA and basal proliferative activity of hHSC is maximal at after 15 days in culture and reduces thereafter.

a) Freshly isolated cells hHSC in culture were confirmed as HSC by auto-fluorescence, and expression of ASMA and GFAP verified at day 4, by immunocytochemistry. b) Basal proliferative activity of hHSC was maximal at day 15 (non-passaged, not fully activated), compared to day 7 (non-passaged, not fully-activated) or day 30 (passaged, fully-activated) with basal proliferative activity less at day 30 compared to day 15. *p<0.05, **p<0.0001, n = 5, compared to control response.