Caveolin-1 and cholesterol dependent viral entry.

siRNA and scrambled (sc)RNA were generated and transfected into human corneal cells. A. Real-time RT-PCR for caveolin-1 mRNA confirmed successful reduction of caveolin-1 message (~95%) as compared to scRNA transfected cells (*p=.0002). B. Western blot showed reduced expression of caveolin-1 in caveolin-1 specific siRNA treated cells (right lane) as compared to untransfected and uninfected cells (left lane) or scRNA transfected, virus infected cells (middle lane) C. IL-8 mRNA expression after HAdV-D37 infection was reduced to almost 50% by caveolin-1 siRNA transfection, compared to scRNA (*p=.0001).




CC BY 4.0