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CTLA-4 is expressed by infiltrating T lymphocytes in the heart of chronic Chagas disease patients.

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posted on 04.05.2012, 00:54 by Rafael J. Argüello, María C. Albareda, María G. Alvarez, Graciela Bertocchi, Alejandro H. Armenti, Carlos Vigliano, Patricia C. Meckert, Rick L. Tarleton, Susana A. Laucella

Double immunofluorescence staining with CD3 and CTLA-4 antibodies was performed as described in Material and Methods. From total CD3-expressing T cells present in the inflammatory infiltrate (A) a small proportion showed CTLA-4 expression (B). Nuclei staining with DAPI. The arrowheads point the nuclei of CTLA4+ cells (C). Composite of figures A, B and C showing the double stained cells (arrowheads) and a CD3+CTLA-4 single stained cell (large arrow)(D). Original Magnification 400×.