CSP ELISA and Sporozoite IFA activity.

<p>Box plots of the medians (50<sup>th</sup> percentile) and 25<sup>th</sup> and 75<sup>th</sup> percentiles of ELISA and IFA activities prior to immunization, at 1 month and 15 weeks after the first immunization, 19 days after the second immunization, and 21 days after challenge. Whiskers spanning the first and third quartiles are at the base and top of each box, respectively, while the upper and lower horizontal bars at the ends of the whiskers represent the maximum and minimum values, respectively. Outliers are depicted by black dots; the arrow points to an outlier above the scale of the chart (1/20,480). The numbers give the value of the medians of each box, which in some cases are the same as the 25<sup>th</sup> or 75<sup>th</sup> percentile. When pre-challenge and post challenge titers were compared, ELISA remained similar (p = 0.15) but titers significantly increased for IFA (p = 0.02) using repeated analysis of log transformed values.</p>