CLUSTAL 2.1 multiple sequence alignment of diphospho mevalonate decarboxylases from <i>Brugia malayi</i> (<i>Bm</i>MVD), <i>Loa loa</i> (<i>Ll</i>MVD), <i>Homo sapiens</i> (<i>Hs</i>MVD) and <i>Saccharomyces cerevisiae</i> (<i>Sc</i>MVD), highlighting two regions in the published <i>Bm</i>MVD sequences that diverge from the consensus between the orthologous protein sequences.

<p>These could be due to the presence of different splice variants of the <i>Brugia</i> enzyme, natural insertions or errors in the published sequence.* conserved residues;: chemically conserved changes;. non-conserved changes.</p>