Biplot of the redundancy analysis based on the CARD-FISH data.

<p>Red symbols correspond to krenal sampling sites, whereas blue symbols depict kryal sites. Centroids of the respective probes are given: beta-<i>proteobacteria</i> (<i>Bet</i>), alpha-<i>proteobacteria</i> (<i>Alph</i>), Cytophaga-Flavobacteria (<i>CF</i>), Eubacteria excluding <i>Alph</i>, <i>Bet</i> and <i>CF</i> (<i>EUBI-III<sub>(undef)</sub></i>) and not-defined DAPI positive cells (ND). Arrows depict the forward selected physico-chemical variables. Asterisks depict significantly tested variables (* p<0.05, ** p<0.01). Explained variation for the first two constraint axes is given.</p>