Biocompatibility and swelling ratio of OPF/SMA hydrogel discs.

Cell viability of MC3T3-E1 (A) and W20-17 (B) cells incubated with OPF/SMA copolymer hydrogel films. Cell viability determined after 72 hour incubation in the presence of OPF/SMA hydrogel discs. Viability assessed with CellTiter Glo 96 MTS viability assay (ProMega). Hydrogels were directly placed into the dishes and were in contact with cell cultures during the incubation time. Hydrogel discs (as described) were swollen in either, double distilled water, DPBS, or a solution of vancomycin hydrochloride (400 μg/mL) in double distilled water. The hydrogels were dried, weighed, then swollen again and weighed again. Swelling ratio (SR) calculated as described in Materials and Methods. Error bars represent +/- one standard deviation, N = 3 in all groups. (*) indicates a statistically significant difference (p<0.05) between DPBS and double distilled water groups.