Beta cell adaptation in islets grafts from different pancreatic regions transplanted in syngeneic diabetic mice.

A. Average islet size per transplant. B. Blood glucose concentrations of STZ-induced diabetic mice followed up to 10 days after transplantation (n = 6–8 mice per region) of DR, GR or SR islets. C. AUC blood glucose concentrations post-transplantation corrected for pre-transplantation glucose concentration (n = 6–8 mice per region). D. Image of proliferating beta-cells, positive for both BrdU (brown) and insulin (red) in islets transplanted under the kidney capsule of diabetic mice. Scale bar = 20 µm. E. Beta cell proliferation in the islet grafts 10 days after transplantation, BrdU labeling during the final 7 days (n = 6–7 mice per region). DR  =  duodenal region, GR  =  gastric region, SR  =  splenic region, AUC  =  area under the curve.