Baseline Demographic and Clinical Characteristics.

1<p>Comparing HBsAg-positive to HBsAg-negative subjects.</p>2<p>Elevated AST and ALT are defined as AST and ALT>40 IU/ml. ALT values are available for 47/48 HBsAg-positive, 19/20 HBeAg-positive, and 10/12 occult HBV subjects.</p>3<p>HBV viral loads available for 11/12 occult HBV subjects.</p>4<p>ALT and HBV viral loads available for 46/48 HBsAg-positive subjects, 18/20 HBeAg-negative, and 9/12 occult HBV subjects.</p>5<p>FIB-4 score: Fibrosis 4 score, available for 687 HIV-positive but HBsAg-negative, 47/48 HBsAg-positive subjects, and 19/20 HBeAg-negative subjects.</p>



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