BMASCT restores the ISEMF and pericryptal macrophages of the ISC niche, 3.5 days post-AIR.

A. ISEMF detection by immunohistochemistry and confocal microscopy using anti-α-SMA (stained red, indicated with arrow) and anti-desmin (stained green) antibodies. α-SMA+ve and desmin−ve ISEMF were reduced in AIR-treated animals, which was restored by BMASCT. Nucleus was stained with DAPI (blue). B. F480 Immunhistochemistry and confocal microscopic analysis and C. Quantification of Number of pericryptal macrophages. The number of F480+ve macrophages (green, indicated with arrow) increased at 3.5 d post-AIR in the AIR+BMASCT (p<0.003) and CD11b+ve BMASCT (p<0.006) group, compared to the AIR cohort, respectively. Nucleus was stained with DAPI (pseudo colored with red). Confocal microscopic images (63×) were magnified 2.3× (inset).