Association between M. tuberculosis lineage and disease presentation in Alberta, 1991 to mid-2007.

Abbreviations: OR, odds ratio; aOR, adjusted odds ratio; CI, confidence interval; INH, isoniazid; RMP, rifampin; PZA, pyrazinamide; EMB, ethambutol; STM, streptomycin; MDR-TB, multidrug-resistant TB.


Non-Beijing strains are the reference group; –, logistic regression could not be completed due to cell count(s) of zero.

Association between Beijing lineage and each disease presentation after adjusting for sex, age, and population group; non-Beijing strains are the reference group.

There were 1301 respiratory TB cases with data related to airway secretions, 1057 (81.2%) and 244 (18.8%) being attributed to non-Beijing and Beijing lineages, respectively.


There were 321 respiratory TB cases diagnosed after 1992 that had sputum smear-positive specimens collected on or before the date of diagnosis.


p = 0.053.


p = 0.046.


p = 0.049.



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