Assessment of cardiac genes by qRT-PCR.

mRNA levels of three cardiac markers connexin-43 (GJA1), a-actinin (ACTN2), and troponin-I (TNNC1). A) hiPSC-CMs had approximately two fold greater levels of GJA1 mRNA compared to human heart tissue (human 0.78 vs hiPS-CM on flat plates 2.69, n = 6, p = 0.001) B) No significant differences in a-actinin mRNA were found between groups C) hiPSC-CMs of both groups had approximately 1/3 the amount of troponin-I mRNA compared to non-failing human heart tissue (human 1.06 vs hiPSC-CMs on flat plates 0.38, n-6, p = 0.01).