Arf1p facilitates elongated bud formation in cdc34-2 mutant.

(A) cdc34-2, cdc34-2/vps74Δ, cdc34-2/arf1Δ, cdc34-2/arl1Δ, cdc34-2/arl3Δ, cdc34-2/pep8Δ, and cdc34-2/ypt6Δ mutants (B) cdc4-/arf1Δ, cdc34-2/arl1Δ, JY25/arf1Δ, and JY25/arl1Δ mutants were grown in YPD at 25°C to an OD600 nm of 0.2, shifted to 37°C for 6 h, and imaged by microscopy.



CC BY 4.0