Analysis of <i>emc</i> function.

<p>(A–D) <i>emc<sup>pel</sup></i> mutant phenotype. (A, B) Expression of <i>sca</i> and Hnt in a heterozygous control disc. (C, D) Expression of the marker in an <i>emc<sup>pel</sup></i> homozygous disc. The expression of <i>sca</i> has expanded and many more cells express Hnt in the mutant disc, indicating an expansion of the proneural band and formation of more SOPs at ectopic positions. (E–P) Clonal analysis of <i>emc</i>. Clones are labelled by the loss of GFP and outlined in several panels. (E–J) hsFlp induced <i>emc</i> null mutant clones. (K–M) Null mutant clones induced by UAS <i>Flp</i> driven by <i>ptc</i>Gal4. All cells of the clones express elevated levels of <i>sca</i> (arrows) and several also Hnt (arrowheads). Note, that elevated <i>sca</i> expression and SOP formation is also observed in the posterior compartment (H–I, arrows, arrowheads in J). (N–P) Ectopic <i>sca</i> expression is already observed in early third larval instar discs long before the normal PNCs appear (arrows and arrowheads). White scale bar 50µm.</p>