Analysis of IL-1β expression in normal and HPV16-positive cervical tissues.

A) Immunohistochemical analysis of IL-1β expression in normal epithelium and HPV-positive lesions differing in their progression grades CIN I to CIN III and cervical tumors; scale bars represent 25 µm. B) qPCR analysis of IL-1β cDNA derived from samples negative for intraepithelial lesion and malignancy (NT), different HPV-positive lesions (CIN I, II, III) and cervical tumors (CxCa); ordinate: expression as fold changes using SiHa cells as reference which was arbitrarily set as 1. The pictures in A are a representative example of 25 biopsies analyzed from normal tissue (n = 5) and HPV-positive lesions of different donors (n = 25). The box-and-whisker blot in B represents the mean values from three to five samples for each group depicted in the graph (± SEM). ANOVA *p<0.01.