Amphibians from Switzerland sampled for skin peptide effectiveness and mucosome function against Bd, and Bd infection prevalence at different life-history stages.

Skin peptide effectiveness is the percent inhibition of Bd zoospore growth caused by 50 µg/ml peptide multiplied by the quantity of peptides (mg) per g amphibian according to Woodhams et al. [11]. The mucosome function against Bd (Swiss isolate TG 739) is a measure of zoospore viability quantified by the ratio of green:red fluorescence as described above. Infection prevalence is the mean from all amphibians in each group from multiple sites and seasons.


Larval and post-metamorphic skin peptide samples extracted by different methods.

*Peptide effectiveness  = % inhibition of Bd growth at 50 µg/ml * mg peptides/g frog mass.


Includes samples from chytridiomycosis outbreak sites in Spain (S. Walker, unpubl.), not included in logistic regression.