Amino acid alignment of avian CLOCK polyQ alleles.

<p>Alignment includes sequences from Barn Swallows (<i>Hirundo rustica</i>; <i>Hr</i>) together with published Blue Tit (<i>Cyanistes caeruleus</i>; <i>Cc</i>), Great Tit (<i>Parus Major</i>; <i>Pm</i>), Bluethroat (<i>Luscinia svecica</i>; <i>Ls</i>) and Tree Swallow (<i>Tachycineta bicolor</i>; <i>Tb</i>). For each sequence the species name and number of Clock poly-Q repeats are shown. The predicted protein sequences of Barn Swallow <i>Clock</i> poly-Q repeats only differ in the number of CAG codon (coded by Q) repeats (The first and last glutamine (Q) amino acids in the poly-Q repeat were coded by CAA codons). Q residues coded by CAA are underlined and lower-case Qs are within-population polymorphic site encoded by either CAA or CAG. Asterisk indicates identical amino acids in the poly-Q flanking region between the all sequences.</p>