Aldicarb hypersensitivity in worms during cholesterol starvation or lrp-1 RNAi.

2012-02-21T02:27:41Z (GMT) by Mary Wiese Adam Antebi Hui Zheng

A) The second generation of worms on a cholesterol starvation diet arrest at the L1/L2 stage and are aldicarb hypersensitive. B) Worms grown on a cholesterol-free diet for one generation were tested on aldicarb as young adults. Excess cholesterol (50 µg/ml) had no effect on aldicarb sensitivity, however cholesterol starved animals are aldicarb hypersensitive. C) Worms grown on lrp-1 RNAi also experience aldicarb hypersensitivity. Control strains for these experiments are as follows: unc-32(e189) - mutant for a vacuolar H+-ATPase, aldicarb resistant; dgk-1(nu62) - diacylglycerol kinase mutant, aldicarb hypersensitive; unc-29(e1072) - non-alpha subunit of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, aldicarb resistant. Each experiment was performed at least three times (n = 50 per strain). Error bars represent the s.e.m.