Alanine Scan of consensus sequence of cj0669 linear epitope.

The Box-whisker-plot (n = 15) of the eleven residue long consensus peptide sequence of a cj0669 linear epitope after incubation with three different anti-Campylobacter antibodies. Each box represents 50% of the values, while 98% fall within the whiskers. The median is represented by a horizontal line within each box and the small rectangle corresponds to the mean of each sample. The original sequence TLIKELKRLGI shows a mean fluorescence intensity of about 10000 A.U. For most amino acids within this sequence, replacement by alanine has no to little effect. However, if glycine is replaced by alanine the peptide loses most of its binding activity, clearly seen by a drop of mean rfi to less than 1000 A.U. This equals a drop of more than 90% in intensity.