Adaptive immunity features from cynomolgus macaques naturally infected with T. cruzi (CH) and non-infected controls (NI).

(A) The frequencies of CD3+ lymphocytes and T-cell subsets (CD4+ and CD8+), the expression of adhesion molecule (CD54) and activation status (CD69 and HLADR) were performed by multicolor flow cytometry. (B) The expression of cytotoxicity markers (Granzyme A, Granzyme B and Perforin) of CD8+ T-cells was investigated by intracellular staining flow cytometry. (C) Analysis of B-cells, the activation status (CD69), and the expression of the regulatory FcγR (CD32) were evaluated by three-color flow cytometry. The results are expressed as mean percentage with standard error. Significant differences at p<0.05 are identified by (*).