Activation of WT T cells in Rag1−/−OX40Cre Ikbk2fx/fx mice.

Eight week old Rag1−/− OX40Cre Ikbk2fx/fx and Rag1−/− OX40Cre Ikbk2fx/wt controls were reconstituted with 5×107 lymph node T cells from WT C57Bl6NIMR mice. Two weeks later, number and phenotype of transferred T cells in different recipients was determined. (A) Contour plots are of CD25 vs CD44 expression by CD4+ TCRhi T cells (top row) and side scatter (SSC) vs CD44 by CD8+ TCRhi T cells (bottom row) from dLN of Rag1−/− OX40Cre Ikbk2fx/fx (Ikbk2 fx/fx) and Rag1−/− OX40Cre Ikbk2fx/wt (Ikbk2 fx/wt) hosts. Numbers indicate % of cells in the adjacent gate. Data are representative of at least five mice per strain. (B) Scatter charts show absolute numbers of CD4+ TCRhi or CD8+ TCRhi T cells in skin draining lymph nodes (dLN), mesenteric lymph nodes (mLN) or spleen (SPN) in host Rag1−/− OX40Cre Ikbk2fx/fx mice (fx/fx) or control Rag1−/− OX40Cre Ikbk2fx/wt mice (fx/wt). Data are pool of two independent experiments.



CC BY 4.0