Aberrant motility of dsRNA Bm-cpl-1-exposed B. malayi.

Frequency distribution for motility of L3 stage B. malayi recovered from Ae. aegypti showing significantly reduced motility of Bm-cpl-1 suppressed worms. Parasitized mosquitoes were injected with saline (control), 150 ng eGFP dsRNA, or 150 ng Bm-cpl-1 dsRNA at 7 or 10 d post-infection (dpi), then dissected to obtain parasites at 14 dpi. Parasite motility was scored on a 1–5 scale, with 1 =  immobile and 5 =  all parts of worm in constant motion (control n = 101, dseGFP n = 68, dsBm-cpl-1 10 dpi n = 70, dsBm-cpl-1 7 dpi n = 48, P<0.001).



CC BY 4.0