AZT-mediated hepatic fat accumulation, inflammation, and injury.

(A, B) Representative photomicrographs of H&E stained liver sections from the indicated mouse livers are presented: (A) vehicle-control; (B) AZT–treated mice (outside inset: inflammatory foci as they are scattered). Accumulated fat are indicated by circular lines and arrows. (C) Hepatic triglyceride levels, (D) Serum ALT levels, and (E) inflammation foci (per 5 high power fields) are presented for the different groups. F) Equal amounts of total liver homogenates (50 µg/lane) from different groups were used to evaluate the amounts of full-length OPN, cleaved (active) OPN and β-actin protein (as a loading control). (G, H) Densities of full-length OPN and cleaved OPN (cOPN) protein bands were normalized to that of the β-actin. *Significantly different from the control group (n = 6/group). Data indicate mean±SE, p<0.05. All experiments have been conducted three times.




CC BY 4.0