AMids for HGDP and HapMap.

The normalized AMids of HGDP and HapMap individuals represent the genetic similarity to each of the 51 HGDP references (on the x axis); this Figure is a visual representation of Table S1. The individuals from the same population are stacked together. The second to last right column indicates continental regions. Blocks of regions are visible: 1) Africa, 2) North Africa, Middle East, Europe and Central South Asia, 3) Eastern Asia, 4) America, and 5) Oceania. Some populations are more isolated and include the San, both Pygmies, Mozabite, Kalash, Yakut, Surui, Pima, Colombian, Karitiana, Melanesian, and Papuan. Other populations show strong similarity with at least one other population (see for example Italian and French). The San, the Mbuti Pygmies and the Surui are the most distant to the majority of all others.